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    Panda Double V2 Scooter Clamp - Black-Scooter Clamps-Striker scooter parts

    Panda Double V2 Scooter Clamp - Black

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    Strong, reliable, durable - a good scooter double clamp needs to have all these qualities. A great scooter clamp has all those qualities and still finds the time to look stellar. Set up your dream scooter by making sure every component is held to a high standard of quality. Do that, and people are going to notice. Made of extremely high-quality materials for unparalleled structural stability while still maintaining a light, unburdensome weight Designed to be easy to install for anyone - we know you're eager to have your scooter street ready as soon as possible Available in a variety of diverse styles, putting your creative expression first so you can get the perfect clamp to fit your ride The panda double V2 is a competitor for the most reliable double clamp on the market! With the iconic roaring panda logo on the front, you know you can't go wrong. Order your scooter double clamp now!

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Danish scootering brand built for beginners and intermediate riders

Made by the creators of Striker Scooter Parts, Panda Freestyle Scooters provide you with the same high quality standard and design of components, that you know and love from Striker. 

All the Panda scooter parts are built from lightweight, but strong materials, granting a reliable and sturdy ride that can withstand hours of scootering and practice. You can  easily replace or customize your panda scooter clamp or scooter wheels.

Specifically built for beginners and intermediate scooter riders, our complete Panda stunt scooters are the perfect ride for upcoming riders. If you're a beginner and want to develop your scootering skills and learn cool stunts, the panda scooters are a great option.  

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