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    Striker BGSeakk Magnetit Stunt Scooter - Teal-Stunt Scooters-Striker scooter parts

    Striker BGSeakk Magnetit Stunt Scooter - Teal

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    Ride like a pro! Our Striker Magnetit stunt scooter was expertly designed to help you pull off all kinds of crazy tricks and stunts, the likes of which you've only ever seen online! High-five the sky with various gravity-defying tricks and become the envy of everyone in your neighborhood!  Made of high-grade aluminum - the golden ratio of durability and weightlessness makes this scooter glide like a dream 120 x 475mm deck, we designed a scooter to be comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes while maintaining incredible performance for the highest level of athlete 3.05 kgs light makes for a scooter with wings - you'll be amazed at the things you can pull off with the right ride Choose from four different color options and get the perfect ride for you! Don't hesitate, start your journey to greatness today! Order your Striker Magnetit stunt scooter while they're still available! Specifications Total height:  88 cm Compression type:  IHC Wheel diameter:  110 mm Weight:  3.05 kg Bar width:  540 mm Headset type:  Integrated 1 1/8" Fork type:  Threadless Material:  Aluminium 6061 T6 Max rider weight: 100 kg Deck design: one-piece Deck length: 475 mm Deck width: 120 mm Headtube angle: 82.5° Concave: 2.0° Fork design: One-piece Cold forge Bar material: Aluminium 6061 T6 Bar height: 620 mm Bar outer diameter: 35mm (Oversized) Bar inner diameter: 28.6 mm Backsweep: NO Clamp size: Double Wheel profile: Round Wheel hardness: 88A Wheel hub width: 24 mm Core material: Aluminium 6061 T6 Core design: Hollow Axle diameter: 8 mm Bearing precision: ABEC-9 Brake type: Flex Fender Assembly: Partly assembled

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    Panda Initio Stunt Scooter - Teal-Stunt Scooters-Striker scooter parts

    Panda Initio Stunt Scooter - Teal

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    Our Panda Initio stunt scooter is the perfect scooter for beginners who are just getting started within the action sport. It's great for learning your first stunts and is great for riding in skateparks and ramps. The scooter is also very light. It's also works as a transport scooter, but with a slightly cooler look than your normal transport scooter.Our Panda Initio stunt scooters are available in 6 different colors, so surely you can find something that fits you.  Level: Beginner Age/Advised user: Stunt scooter for kids and teenagers  Quality: Made from high quality components to ensure comfort, durability and precision  Specifications Total height: 82cm Compression type: Threaded Wheel diameter: 110mm Weight: 3300g Bar width: 470mm Headset-type: Non-Integrated Fork type: Threaded Material: Aluminium Deck length: 48cm (19") Deck width: 10.1cm (4") Concave: Yes Fork design: 2-split Bar material: Chromoly steel Bar height: 560mm Bar outer diameter: 32mm  Bar inner diameter: 28mm Clamp size: Triple Wheel profile: Round Wheel hub width: 24mm Core material: Nylon Core design: Spoked Axel diameter: 8mm Bearing precision: ABEC-7 Brake type: Flex Fender Assembly: Partly assembled

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Ride like a pro!

If you're looking for a smooth and sturdy scooter ride to practice and land the slickest and most recognized scooter stunts in the game - look no further!

With Striker Scooter Parts your scootering dreams are not far from achievable. We've assembled a selection of awesome complete stunt scooters, ready to become your most trusted riding companion. Built entirely out of Striker scooter parts, you know this ride will withstand hours of intense scooter riding.

Unsure of what scooter size is the most optimal for your height? Check out our size guide with our recommendations!

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