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8 Stunt Scooter Tricks For Beginners

stunt scooter tricks for beginners stunt scooter tricks for beginners

Are you just starting your scootering journey and looking to learn some basic tricks? Look no further!

Our guide will teach you 8 cool tricks that will help you progress once you have them down. From the bunny hop to the manual, these tricks will give you the techniques to take your scootering skills to the next level.

  1. Bunny hop: The bunny hop is one of the first tricks you should learn on a scooter. It gives you the technique to lift your scooter off the ground, which is the foundation for many other tricks such as the tailwhip, grinds and more. Practice on a flat surface and make sure to bend your knees for maximum lift.

  2. Tailwhip: To perform a tailwhip, jump and rotate your deck 360 degrees around the axis of the bar. Make sure you have a good handle on bunnyhops before attempting this trick. Use your back foot and arms to send the deck into rotation and practice until you perfect the timing and coordination.

  3. Barspin: To execute a barspin, rotate the bar once around its own axis while the wheel is in the air. Start with a 180-degree spin and work your way up to a 360-degree spin. Combine the trick with a bunny hop for a flatground barspin.

  4. Manual: A manual is all about finding the right balance between too little and too much lift. Position your feet correctly, use your back foot to regulate balance, and go down on your knees while pulling on the bar to change the center of gravity. Practice these techniques to master the manual and open the door to new tricks. 

  5. Fakie: Take your scootering skills to the next level by learning to ride backwards. Fakie riding opens up a whole new world of tricks and adds another dimension to your riding. To start, ride slowly up a bank or ramp and practice fakieing back down. With practice, you'll have complete control and balance while riding in fakie stance. 

  6. Nose pivot: Impress your friends with this cool trick that involves turning your scooter 180 degrees while briefly balancing on the front wheel. Start by leaning forward and "pushing" on the bar, which forces your scooter onto the front wheel. Then, lean to the side to turn the scooter 180 degrees. Make sure to master fakie riding before attempting this trick. With practice, you can even combine it with an extra 180-degree rotation in the air for a full 360-degree rotation.

  7. 180: A bunny hop with a 180-degree rotation in the air is the next natural progression once you've mastered the bunny hop, nose pivot, and fakie riding. Make sure to get down on your knees and generate enough power in your bounce for the first few times you practice. You can also use the 180 on a ramp or bank to ride down in regular stance, without having to do a fakie afterwards.

  8. One hander/no hander/no footer: Once you've got the basic tricks down, you can add variation to your air tricks by releasing the bar briefly with one or both hands while in the air, and then grabbing the bar again before landing. This requires good technique and is a more advanced trick, but the higher you jump, the easier it is. These tricks are sure to impress your friends and take your scootering skills to the next level.

Learn these basic tricks and take your scootering skills to the next level. With practice, you'll be able to perform them perfectly nine times out of ten."