how to build stunt scooter

How To Build Your Own Stunt Scooter

How to build a stunt scooter How to build a stunt scooter

Assembling a stunt scooter can be a bit of a challenge, but with the right tools and instructions, it can be done. Here is a general guide on how to assemble a stunt scooter:

  1. Begin by laying out all of the parts in front of you. Make sure you have all the necessary parts and tools.

  2. Start by placing the headset bearings correctly in the deck and attaching the fork to the deck. Depending on your compression type, the installation process may vary. Make sure to read up on different compression types and their installation instructions before proceeding. Once the fork is securely attached to the headset and the compression is properly set, use the top cap and bolt to secure it in place. 

  3. Next, attach the scooter bar (handlebar) to the fork using the clamp. Make sure the handlebars are centered and tightened properly.

  4. Install the front wheel into the fork by inserting the axle through the fork and wheel, and then secure it with the axle nut.

  5. Attach the rear wheel to the deck by inserting the axle through the deck and wheel, and then secure it with the axle nut.

  6. Install the brake (if included) by securing it to the deck and the bars.

  7. Apply the griptape to the deck, making sure it is centered and covers the entire deck surface.

  8. Install the grips on the handlebars by sliding them over the bar ends, and then secure them with the bar-end plugs.

  9. Check all the bolts and screws are tightened properly, and make sure the scooter is stable and all the parts are securely in place.

  10. Test ride the scooter to make sure everything is working properly and make any necessary adjustments.

It's important to follow the instructions that come with the scooter and to make sure that all of the parts are compatible with each other and that they are tightened properly to ensure a safe and secure ride. If you're unsure of any step or have any doubts, it's recommended to consult an expert to assemble it for you.

Also, keep in mind that maintaining the scooter is also important, make sure to check the bolts, lubricate the moving parts, check the wheels, brakes, and the deck, clean the scooter, and store it properly, to ensure your scooter lasts longer and is always safe to ride. You can read all about maintaining your stunt scooter here.