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Stunt Scooter Compression Guide

stunt scooter compression guide stunt scooter compression guide

There are six different types of compression systems, each with its own unique features and installation requirements. These include SCS, ICS, ICS10, HIC, IHC, and Mini HIC. The most popular and user-friendly compression types are IHC, HIC, and SCS. These compressions can be easily tightened with minimal tools and without the need for expert assistance.Stunt scooter compression guide | Striker Scooter Parts

SCS Compression:

  • Can fit both standard and oversized bars, but it's important to check the specific SCS clamp you're planning to purchase to ensure it can accommodate the size of your bars.
  • The SCS compression system includes a top cap, compression bolt, and clamp.
  • Almost all newer forks come with a built-in thread, so a starnut is not required. However, some older forks may require the installation of a starnut inside the forktube to provide a thread for the bolt to attach to.
  • Bars cannot have a slit on it.
scs stunt scooter compression

ICS Compression:

  • Can fit handlebars with a standard diameter (inside).
  • A starnut needs to be attached inside the handlebar tube for the fork to screw into the thread of the starnut.
  • Bars need to have a slit.

ICS stunt scooter compression

ICS10 Compression:

  • Same as ICS Compression but with a bigger starnut and compression bolt.

ICS10 stunt scooter compression

HIC Compression:

  • Can fit only oversized bars (inside diameter) and the bar will need to have a slit.
  • The HIC compression includes a HIC shim, HIC washer / top cap and a compression bolt, it’s easy to attach this type of compression to the SCS/HIC forks.

HIC stunt scooter compression

IHC Compression:

  • Same as HIC Compression, but only fit standard bars (inside diameter) and does also require a slit in the bar.

IHC stunt scooter compression

Mini HIC Compression:

  • Basicly the same as IHC Compression.

Mini HIC stunt scooter compression

It's important to know that the type of compression you need to use depends on the type of fork and handlebar you have, as well as your personal preference. Always consult the manufacturer's instructions before making any changes to your scooter's setup.