Striker Benj Signature Scooter Grip Tape - BenJ Signature

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BenJ Signature
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Imagine racing your scooter down the snowy Swiss Alps, performing all kinds of gravity-defying tricks! That's a reality for scooter star Benjamin Friant! And with this incredibly stylish grip tape for scooters that'll inspire you to reach new heights, it can be your reality too!

  • Applying it to your scooter is child play - simply press it on the deck, and you're good to go
  • 13cm (5.2") wide and 55.9(22") long, it's designed to be the ideal size for your favorite ride
  • A grit sandpaper texture to securely grip your shoes covers the face, and the high-quality adhesive backing makes for a grip tape that will last

Those unfamiliar with the scooter icon will see an incredibly cool-looking scooter deck, while those who have heard of Benjamin will see the sign of a fellow fan with similar interests! Find new friendships and give your ride a massive upgrade all at once with this awesome grip tape for scooters. Secure yours now while supplies last!



Width: 13CM (5.2")
Lenght: 55.9CM (22")
Weight: 65G