About us

Striker Scooter Parts

Striker Scooter Parts was established in 2014 by two brothers, Frederik and Alexander Giese.

We wanted to create a brand with something truly unique and cool, combining high quality components with beautiful and slick designs, allowing scooter riders to personalize and custom-make their own rides to reflect their personality and riding style.

Striker Scooter Parts has now become a major distributor of complete stunt scooters and scooter parts for many retailers internationally, and we'll continue to expand the Striker community for years to come.

Mission & Values

Our goals and values have always been, and still is, to supply and equip retailers and stunt scooter riders with the best and coolest scooter gear possible.

We will never compromise the quality of our products and services, but we'll continue to optimize and make our products even better. We're addicted to the world of scootering and the awesome community that follows. We're here to stay!

- Frederik & Alexander Giese