Interested in becoming a Striker dealer? 

We at Striker Scooter Parts want to share our passion for the action street sport, by providing and equipping retailers and scooter riders around the world, with the best gear possible. Our Striker community is one of the coolest in the game, with almost 90k followers on our Instagram page. Not only does this show the level of interest in our Striker brand internationally, but it also allows our retailers to take advantage of our great online presence.

A few examples of how you benefit from being a Striker dealer:

  • Placement on our Striker Shop Locator on it will help drive more traffic directly to your store and increase your SEO score online.
  • Exclusive access to our brands Google Drive with advertisement and product pictures.
  • Direct contact and sparring with Striker Scooter Parts on how to optimize point of sale (POS).

If you’re interested in becoming a Striker Scooter Parts dealer, please contact us via email at