Panda Spoked V2 110mm Scooter Wheels - Rainbow

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Hit the ramp at your top speed, achieve a new personal best for the amount of air time, perform the sickest trick you've ever pulled off, and nail the perfect landing in front of a crowd of amazed onlookers. Our incredible new 110mm scooter wheels thin the line between fantasy and reality, pulling all of your dreams that much closer. 

  • Formed from the highest quality of aluminum, for wheels that are both incredibly lightweight and unbelievably sturdy
  • 110mm diameter for the perfect balance of weight, speed, and durability
  • These wheels come in a whopping four different unique styles to choose from, so one of them is guaranteed to be a perfect fit for your ride

These 110mm scooter wheels cut down on friction so much you'll feel like you're on a science-fiction hoverboard! Built for a long time and a good time, this is a purchase you won't regret! Get it now, and we'll have you off to the skatepark at record speeds!




Size 110*24 MM
Bearings and spacers: Included
Wheel hardness: 88A
Wheel diamater: 110MM
Weight: 224G
Wheels per pack: 1 PCS
Core material: Aluminium
Wheel profile: Round
Bearing precision: ABEC-9
Bearing size: 608
Wheel hub width: 24MM
Axle diamter: 8MM