Panda Balloon Fullcore 110mm Scooter Wheels - Rainbow

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Wheels are arguably the most important part of your scooter. There's no excuse for you to get anything but the best of the best, and boy, are these it. Multichromatic aesthetic design meets high-grade aluminum for 110mm wheels for scooters that belong in the air, on the ground, and in a museum all at the same time. Can you handle wheels this awesome?

  • Crafted expertly from aluminum, for the ideal lightweight feel you've been looking for while still maintaining seemingly unbreakable durability
  • 110mm diameter, the Goldilocks zone for a scooter's wheels that you can flick around with ease while still rolling smoothly and carrying momentum
  • Two different, equally stunning styles to choose from, ensuring that your wheels fit your ride

The gift that keeps on giving, these are the last wheels you'll need for years to come. Don't wait, make sure you get your hands on these jaw-dropping 110mm wheels for scooters while you still can and order now!


Size 110*24 MM
Bearings and spacers: Included
Wheel hardness: 88A
Wheel diamater: 110MM
Weight: 224G
Wheels per pack: 1 PCS
Core material: Aluminium
Wheel profile: Round
Bearing precision: ABEC-9
Bearing size: 608
Wheel hub width: 24MM
Axle diamter: 8MM