Striker BGSeakk Titanium Scooter Bar - Raw

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A scooter bar you can't trust is a problem just waiting to happen. When it comes to reliability, titanium bars for scooters are second to none. Our awesome magnetite bar offers maximum control and flawless precision. It's a classic design you can rely on. Simple, sleek, and elegant, it'll help you say goodbye to wobbly rides and unexpected injuries once and for all. 

  • Made of incredibly robust titanium you can trust even in the most demanding situations
  • Compatible with HIC and SCS compression systems so you can effortlessly mix up your gear
  • This two-piece beast is 700mm tall and 600 mm wide, ensuring perfect control for every trick on or above ground

Unlike most other titanium bars for scooters, this beast comes with a handy SCS sleeve so you're ready to get back to riding faster. Don't miss out on this titanium piece of art, order yours now while stocks last!


Compatible with: HIC/SCS
Bar-end compatible: Steel
Bar width: 600MM
Bar height: 700MM
Bar material: Titanium GR9
Bar outer diameter: 35MM (Oversized)
Bar inner diameter: 31.8MM
Bar design: Two-piece
Backsweep: No
SCS ready: No
SCS Sleeve included: Yes