Striker Gravis Spoked 110mm Stunt Scooter Wheels - Rose Gold

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Rose Gold
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Rock the coolest wheel spokes as you build your legacy riding on the challenging curves of the quarter pipes! Our 110mm scooter wheels will glide up the steepest of elements! These robust speedy speedsters will help you master your technique to perfection the moment you put the kickstand up.

  • With 88A-class hardness, these wheels won't crack even during the hardest of tricks, from staggering high jumps to thunder striking landings
  • Made of aluminum, they weigh only 224gr and let you hug the sky as you hear the audience cheer loudly at your extraordinary stunts
  • Standard-sized and with an ABEC-9 bearing precision, these little spinners hold tightly to the deck as they bend time and space with their speed

What makes legendary scooterists better than the competition is their consistent interest in top-notch scooter gear. Our 110mm scooter wheels are definitely that! With such high demand for these bad boys, they're soon going to be out of stock! Get one now!


Size 110*24 MM
Bearings and spacers: Included
Wheel hardness: 88A
Core design: Spoked
Wheel diamater: 110MM
Weight: 224G
Wheels per pack: 1 PCS
Core material: Aluminium
Wheel profile: Round
Bearing precision: ABEC-9
Bearing size: 608
Wheel hub width: 24MM
Axle diamter: 8MM