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Show your great sports spirit to the excited crowd at the skatepark, and own every inch of those banks! Our Striker logo grip tape for scooters lets you glide through the skatepark with full control over your motion. Put your worn-out grip tape on the scooter memorabilia shelf, and tape a new, thousand times better one on the deck!

  • Get ready for spectacular landings with this rad 13cm (5.2") wide and 55.9cm (22") long grip tape
  • Improve your skills quickly, and start performing amazing benihanas and clamp grabs with your feet always in the right position
  • Sleek-looking and lightweight, adding only 65gr more to the total weight of your super fast scooter

Applying this fantastic grip tape for scooters is the easiest task in the world. Simply peel it off and press! So, stop riding your scooter only on the streets, and take it to the skatepark for some real adrenaline rush! Add to cart now!



Width: 13CM (5.2")
Lenght: 55.9CM (22")
Weight: 65G