Striker Titanium Y Bend Scooter Bar - Black

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Our incredible scooter bend bar is here to spice up your downside tailwhips with perfect precision! This classic two-piece beast won't let you have another wobbly ride! Check out its top-notch features, and let it win over your heart in a split second! 

  • Made of super-durable titanium to keep you safe even during the most challenging landings
  • Finished as a strikingly beautiful 700mm tall metal piece that's compatible with HIC and SCS compression systems because you should choose what kind of scooter you want to have
  • Oversized, with a 35mm outer diameter and 600mm wide to offer comfort during the most fascinating of tricks above ground

This amazing scooter bend bar is so popular among young scooterists! Everyone wants to have this lightweight 0.8kg bar! Add to cart before the last one is gone, and trust us, that won't take long! Get it now, and inspire other scooterists to always love their hobby!



Weight 0.8 kg
Compatible with: HIC/SCS
Bar-end compatible with: Steel
Bar width: 600MM
Bar height: 700MM
Bar material: Titanium
Bar outer diameter: 35MM (oversized)
Bar inner diameter: 31.8MM
Bar design: Two-piece
Backsweep: No
SCS ready: No