Striker Remi Flipo Signature Scooter Grip Tape - Black

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Every scooterist would love to get professional skating lessons from the main man, Remi Flipo. But this pro is often busy gracing the streets with his one-of-a-kind tricks and original scooter riding. Luckily, he has a signature grip tape for scooters! Let this pro's scootering wisdom rub off on you through this breathtaking must-have!

  • Fits a Striker deck and almost every 5" deck like no other grip tape on the market because it's 55.9cm (22") long and 13cm (5.2") wide
  • It's fantastic design will always remind you that you belong in the skatepark, thriving and improving your skills every single day
  • So lightweight (65gr) that you'll never have to be concerned about it not letting you soar over your favorite concrete banks

Order your Striker Remi Flipo signature grip tape for scooters, and impress your squad with the most unbelievable scooter tricks! Supplies won't last for long, so get one now!