Striker Gravis Stunt Scooter Bar - Raw

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Good old T-bars, the all-time awe-inspiring keepers of the classic stunt scooter style. Take a look at our T-shaped scooter bar! With no needless flashy details, it takes elegance to the next level. Simple, to let you be the center of attention when scootering downtown, but reliable at any moment.

  • Two-piece and made of chrome steel 4130 for the durability you deserve and need as a dedicated scooterist relying on its 600mm width to get you where you need to go
  • Choose either the 650 or 710mm high option to proudly stand on your deck in comfort as you plan the best way to hit the half-pipes
  • Compatible with both IHC and SCS to match the other parts of your scooter the best way possible

Our Striker Gravis scooter bar comes with an included SCS sleeve because we want to get you back on those wheels faster. Order today and replace your wobbly old bar immediately!



Height: 650mm / 710mm

Weight: 1.3kg / 1.4 kg

Compatible with: IHC/SCS      

Bar-end compatible with: Steel

Bar width: 600 mm

Bar material: Chrome steel 4130

Bar outer diameter: 32mm (Standard)

Bar inner diameter: 28.6 mm

Bar design: Two-piece

Backsweep: No

SCS Ready: No

SCS sleeve included: Yes