Striker Oscar Storm Signature Scooter Grip Tape - Black

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Your scooter's makeover starts with the deck. Let us introduce you to the amazingly popular Striker Oscar Storm signature grip tape for scooters! This high-end accessory has everyone talking about it! Once you tape it on your two-wheeled beast, you'll become the coolest rebel at the skatepark.

  • 55.9cm (22") long and 13cm (5.2") wide, this grip tape offers extra comfort while you're doing the most badass of scooter tricks
  • Iconic design that echoes the fierceness of scooterists who can't imagine a life without their most beloved hobby
  • Weighing 65gr, the grip tape will let you do higher jumps than ever before

Order your own Striker Oscar signature grip tape for scooters right now, and don't fear the next tailwhip! This fantastic item will give you the peace of mind you need when skating. There aren't many left, so listen to your scooterist gut and get one for you now! You'll be amazed by its quality.



Width: 13CM (5.2")
Lenght: 55.9CM (22")
Weight: 65G